Saturday, October 18, 2008

Type of aircraft the British used in the campaigns in Mesopotamia under Generals Townsend and Maude in WWI

Farman Longhorn

Caudron G.3

Mesopotamian Half Flight – Farman Short/Longhorns and Caudron G.3s.

30 Squadron RFC+ - Farman Short/Longhorns, Caudron G.3s, Martinsyde S.1’s, BE’s, Martinsyde G100, Bristol Scout, RE8’s

RNAS* - Short 827, Voison

63 Squadron - RE8’s, Spad VII, Bristol Scout, Martinsyde G100, DH4

72 Squadron - Spad VII, DH4, SE5, Martinsyde G100, Bristol M1C

3 x Balloon Squadrons.

+RFC = Royal Flying Corps, Army air force

*RNAS = Royal Naval Air Service, Navy air force.

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